By Thomas Faranando

Kadoma-based Man of God, prophet Nyamupinga completed the first phase of the launch of his album titled  Ndiye Jesu, Zvoshamisa in spectacular fashion at an oversubscribed event in Kadoma Saturday.

It was a memorable night for those present, who included guest groups such as  Bethean Pasinawako Ngolomi and dancehall artist Preacherman, who also had their moments on the stage, spicing up the launch in the process.

Amos Baiton appealed to gospel musicians to aspire to be positive opinion- leaders in society and to youths, who were now exposed to bastardised ways of life.

“Of late social media abuse has been rampant and the church seeks the input of influential musicians to help educate the nation towards harnessing positive benefits of social media platforms other than perpetrating hate speech and committing crimes,” Baiton said.

In an interview with The Observer  on the sidelines of the event, Baiton, who is one of Seven Voices members, said the message on the album reveals who the Holy Spirit was.

“The Bible says the world cannot receive the Holy Spirit because it does not know Him and cannot see Him,” he said.

“So, people should have knowledge about the Holy Spirit, so that they can receive and be comforted,” said prophet Chamunorwa Nyamupinga (pictured) in his speech.

The other songs on the album include Mbeu among others. Baiton said the album would have an accompanying DVD that is expected to be on the market before Christmas.

The album Ndiye Jesus, Zvoshamisa was well received  by people .

The album was produced  at Extreme Gospel Africa  by Lyton Ngolomi husband to Bethen Pasinawako. Lyton is a reputable producer who pioneered for renowned musicians Mathias Mhere, Sebastián Magacha, Bethen Pasinawako, Olinda Marowa, just to mention a few. 

The debut album was a success. Seven Voices attribute
prayerfulness to their success in the competitive genre and to their ability to compose songs with messages that they say can transform people’s lives, while standing the test of time.


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