Prophet Makandiwa chides Mnangagwa for allowing loss of lives in Zimbabwe

Renowned Prophet and UFIC Founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has publicly challenged Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Zimbabwean president to apologise to the nation for the loss of lives happening under his watch with no arrests being made.

Preaching in a no holds barred message yesterday to his congregates in Chitungwiza, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said that Zimbabwe was its own enemy and must not blame sanctions but its own internal weakness and failure to respect the sanctity of life, as a major hindrance.

We have magnified xenophobia attacks in South Africa where we saw few Zimbabweans being slain , but locally we have many Zimbabweans who are killed daily through machetes and thrown in mine shafts, yet not a single arrest has been made”

Makandiwa challenged President Mnangagwa to apologise for the death of local people and act urgently towards safeguarding life, law and order before its too late

“We have to wait for a South African president to come to Zimbabwe and say I’m sorry, but what are you doing about the many people that are being killed daily, where is the apology? I have personally seen this evil happening in broad day light if you want evidence,”

Makandiwa challenged why these people popularly known as Mashurugwi, who are terrorizing citizens in mining towns like Kwekwe, Bindura and Mutare are walking free and who exactly is giving them power to strike with impunity as they torture, kill and rap_e fellow countrymen.

“Who are these people, are they more powerful than the police, why not then cease power to them the defacto authorities if you can not bring them to order, there is to be presidential power that needs to wielded against such people and stop the madness before its too late “

The UFIC founder insisted that these people are driven by rituals and alters that demand blood from Zimbabweans and as a church they are now moved to face these alters and destroy them in the next coming days, and those involved in feeding blood to the alters shall be greatly affected.

There are 7 alters in Zimbabwe, they have been erected in ancient days and towns way before our times, these will be destroyed and when this happens, it will be too obvious that the nation will know.

In a sign of no fear Makandiwa said that he knows most people and pastors are not supposed to challenge these strong institutions but dared anyone to stop him, warning that His God has secured him completely and any attempts against his life will be futile.


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