Primavera Sound teams up with the UN SDG Action Campaign

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted in 2015 by world leaders at a historic UN Summit as a plan of action for governments, the private sector and civil society to work together to eradicate poverty and inequalities, tackle climate change and ensure prosperity for all whilst protecting the planet.  

The alliance between Primavera Sounds and the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Action Campaign will serve as a framework for the social actions that the music Festival has been carrying out for several years, and drive new initiatives of climate action, sustainability and equality that will offer participants a more sustainable and meaningful experience.

In the words of the UN SDG Action Campaign, “To make the 17 Goals a reality we need all of us to take action, and all of us to ensure that we are making progress in achieving each one of them.

Primavera Sound is a perfect platform to connect with young and creative people, who want to get active for the causes they care for, and make music Festivals a meaningful experience for all”The Sustainable Development Goals universally belong to all of us, and from today are officially adopted also by Primavera Sound.  

The 17 Goals include measures to promote gender equality, the promotion of responsible consumption and production, and the eradication of social and economic inequalities for all while protecting the planet and tackling climate change.

The actions that will be implemented at this year Festival act on ,amu all of these objectives.Change single-use plastic cups for reusable polypropylene cups: An initiative that not only respects the environment but also makes a gesture to the most faithful festival fans: with 19 different models, one for every year and portraying the several Sustainable Development Goals, each one recalls the festival’s history line up by line up.Introduce measures and actions designed to avoid, sexual harassment and discrimination and ensure women and girls safety.

Participate in the creation of the first music fund for children. Offer a plastic bottle recycling bank, bicycle parks, sustainable catering and donation of surplus food to avoid food waste.Facilitate access to people with disabilities.

About the UN SDG Action Campaign 
The UN SDG Action Campaign is a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General to scale up, broaden, and sustain the global movement to take action for the SDGs. The Action Campaign aims to mobilize and inspire individuals and organizations to take action and join the global movement for the SDGs, whilst connecting people’s actions and perceptions with decision makers in SDG planning and review processes at all

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