Police randomly fire teargas in Harare CBD

Following clashes between the police and vendors in Harare’s central business district, the police are reported to have used tear smoke and fired shots as they sought to disperse the vendors. 

Police randomly fired teargas at everyone. Shops in Harare’s First Street were not spared either. Police released teargas canisters into OK Supermarket at the corner of First Street and Nelson Mandela, possibly in a bid to flush out vendors who might have taken refuge in the shop.

By as late as 5pm certain sections of the shop were No Go areas as the tear smoke hung heavy in the air and was still choking.

One staff member who requested anonymity said: “This is the third time this week that teargas has been thrown into the shop.

“We really don’t know how we can work because the after-effects of the gas are terrible. I now have headaches, a constant running tummy and a runny nose because of the teargas.”

The confectionery section of OK Supermarket was heavy with teargas remnants.

“This is not crowd control at all,” said one shopper. “This is clearly abuse of citizens by trigger-happy police and their comanders.”

It is not clear, what type of weapons that the police were using but the man below was shot in the back.


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