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Poetritis Nirvana – She Bites

Poetritis Nirvana

Nyanduri Lala 🇿🇼 :

With hair that defies gravity;it’s a sure sign she’s fremd
The fire in her eyes and sass that oozes from her lips
Will leave one infuriated;infatuated and breathless
Don’t make light of her;she’s not harmless,she bites!

Valentine Makoni 🇿🇼

Humility isn’t her strongest suit
She wears arrogance with pride
Quiet acquiescence isnt her style
Open fangs, steely look, she bites

Vaati Kenya 🇰🇪

Sexy eyes, a smooth voice,
A light laughter and she charms the world,
An angelic voice and they all bow,
Once the lights go off, the evil inside her awakens.

MrsB 🇹🇹

Black coffee 1 spoon, milk 1 ounce, sugar non existent, add some water and call it life
Harsh realities and struggles adds more coffee
Pleasures and treasure of milk and sugar don’t add up to the taste
Smile on my face, add more coffee, too bitter to enjoy. She bites

Poetritis Nirvana


And if she barks and brawls like the dog you’ve let her out to be.
Best believe its what you’ve molded and its all you ever want to see
But those teeth are cages to ocean-fulls of emotion
Impatiently stirred and to be approached with great caution.


She runs her hand down my vertebrates sending shivers into my core,
and whispers am eating your eggs for dinner,
I silently moan as she holds my balls in her mouth..

Limah  🇿🇼

Eish! That didn’t come out the way I wanted
She doesn’t take no nonsense
She gangster looking
She ain’t fragile

©Gorgeous 🇷🇼

Crazy making fun
Romantically disturbing
She rides you like she never had it
But she bites before cumming

St Valz 🇿🇼

She scratches and holds onto anything soft.
She hunts and pounces on prey.
She lays by my side and gently vibrates.
She squints her eyes and purrs like my cat.



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