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Poetritis Nirvana – Diamond Palms

Poetritis Nirvana

Poetritis Nirvana is a online poetry show founded by Valentine Tusai aka SaintValz. It conglomerates poets from around Africa and other countries abroad to write poetry. Poets write mostly picture poetry every evening and the compilations are posted on the groups’ online pages, on Facebook, blog and Instagram. There are thirty episodes a season and each season, new poets are chosen. Currently on season twelve and they have twenty members from twelve countries.

This is Episode 3, hosted by Vaati from Kenya, titled “Diamond Palms.”

VaatiVaati (Kenya)
She has a breathe that takes my soul to the sky,
And the thought that I made her overwhelms my world,
Then I wonder into these fantasies unknown,
Not sure the words to use anytime she’s in pain,
Not to mention the phrases when she’s in love,
She’s just a magic revolving in reality.

BeranovaBeranova (Rwanda)
She holds their love in the palm of her hands as one would a diamond,
With humility of its beauty,
With amazement at its density,
With humbleness of its potential to with stand harshness.

ValentineValentine (Zim)
I told her I didn’t know how to love
She told me she didn’t know how not to
My mind with this uncertainty fraught
Our lives with this tension fought
Till in her small arms I understood
Truth isn’t explained, it is lived

Valz TeeValz (Zim)
Love spills, death squeals, birth reveals the heart.
A man’s daughter is the jewel of a father.
A babies laughter will make angels gather.
My temperament calmed by your happiness.
You’re the dew on a rose petal.
The sweetest soul alive.

PhoenixPhoenix (Zim)
From when you were conceived
To feel your movement and kicks- I held you in my arms
The life in me became the life in you
If you knew the effects of your scent
The touch from those diamond palms
I live again through the fire in me.

MablesMables (Uganda)
Before her, I knew no light.
I laughed but I knew no joy.
I lived but I knew no life
Knowing her showed me what love is
Loving her showed me what strength is.
Diamonds made of her laugh adorn my head.

Harsh SuranaHarsh Surana (India)
Came back from work, had a rough day;
Got almost fired, suspecting were they;
What could I do, how would I survive, I got no clue;
Prayed to the God, now only he could rescue (me);
There came a li’l angel which took away my pain;
She kissed me, fondled me and made me live again.

MuteshaMutesha (Zambia)
I can’t figure this thought
I love being in your arms
It has always been in my heart
To be held by your *DIAMOND PALMS*
I’ve laughed, cried ‘n smiled
Your arms are sweet ‘n I’m proud.

Mimyie benhuraMimyie (Zim)
My eyes tear up,
As I see our beautiful girl dote on her father.
I know he is king,
Her birth crowned him,
He labors for her bliss.
And I live for these moments.

GorgeousGorgeous (Rwanda)
In the sunset while frustrated from a bad day
Feeling like taking a cold drink on a nearby bar
But some voice whispering I miss you
Opening up a silly sleeping mind
I run home, a cheerful sound the King is here
Oh how sweet are her words welcoming you with a brace forehead kiss saying I missed you Daddy.

ElikemElikem (Ghana)
After the day’s nerve-wracking toils
All I thought I got are spoils and soils
Until jumped on me came a little angel
Breeding new hope and joy in me
Just at a touch and kiss on my brow
I feel like a King installed by a diamond palm

SueSue (SA)
She kissed the stories on the temple of my head
Wrinkles that told tales of the frustration I felt when they said I wouldn’t be enough
Wrinkles that drew creases from aging in mines as I toiled for her future
She kissed the life I have lived that has made me weary
One that has had the sole purpose of making hers a better version of mine
She crowned me when she placed her lips on my forehead, she made everything alright.

AnnieAnnie (Rwanda)
At dawn he opens his eyes and yawn.
Sunlight through the curtains he extends his arms to a little human beside him.
Nothing troubles this little soul.
She yawns and opens her eyes too just like dada.
Looking at him she smiles and holds his bald head with her diamond like palms.
It is still dawn and the day is just beginning for the two of them.


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