Passion Java’s Post About Sex With Kikky Badass Shocks Zimbabweans

Flamboyant and controversial prophet Passion Java shocked Zimbabweans on social media with his post advising his followers about slow sex.

In the post which has since gone viral, Java, in his true fashion wrote:

Slow sex inoda nemunhu akanaka, haungambo fambé zvishoma panzvimbo inotyisa , for example kuita slow sex na kiki bad mmmm 😂� (You can only have slow sex with someone who is beautiful. You can never walk slowly at a scary place, for example you cannot have slow sex with Kikky Badass).

It is not clear why Passion Java threw a salvo at Kikky Badass but this is the first time he has taken aim at the curvy hip hop musician. Zimbabweans were shocked by Java’s post given that he is a man of the cloth. *ZNN News* presents some of the reactions to Java’s post on Facebook:

*_Gladys Nyoni Baduki:_*

_yowee asi mahekerwa fon 😳� kungoti church yenyu aisi yemazezuru avambozvizive zvazvinoreva_

*_Washington Magarasadza:_*

_Hazvidi vanozviti vanhu vamwari_

_*Brenda Chaoor:*_

_Akadaro hake muporofita wa Mwari Baba atori nevanoita look up to him 🤣�!!!! Sometimes Christianity sounds like a joke coz of the leaders Seuyu they make it look like a joke, nowonder many Christians are switching to the Islamic religion check the % in Europe followed by Africa._

_*Tendai Hunde*_

_How can you say this about someone on social media? Ubuntu…is it still in existence in this nation? I wonder._


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