Pack of hyenas eat man alive in Chirumanzu

A PACK of marauding hyenas Monday dragged a man from his hut in the dead of night before killing and eating him in Chirumhanzu.

Zimbabwe National Parks Authority (Zimparks) communications manager, Tinashe Farawo confirmed the incident Tuesday, saying parks rangers were currently tracking the carnivorous animals down.

“It is unfortunate that a Chirumanzu man was killed by hyenas on Monday,” Farawo said.

“He was dragged from his hut while sleeping during the night. His lower body was eaten,” he added saying the vicious predatory animals had also killed six cattle in the same area.

“In a related incident, six beasts have been killed by hyenas in the same area. Zimparks rangers are on the ground tracking down the problem animals with a view to eliminate the hyenas,” said Farawo.

There has been a spike in human-wildlife conflicts in recent years as animals’ natural habitats continue to diminish at an alarming rate, resulting in them encroaching into human populated areas.

According to wildlife expert, Mr Gordon Grice, author of The Book of Deadly Animals, who has spent 15 years researching wildlife ‘being killed by hyenas would be gruesome, they just start eating’

They may look like dogs, but the powerful spotted hyena has immense neck muscles and bone-crushing jaws that no human would want to get too close to.

And for Mr Grice, coming a cropper to this animal and being mauled by it would be one of the most horrific ways to die.

He said: ‘The spotted hyena is an incredibly dangerous animal that would cause a lot of suffering if it were to attack.

‘There are instances where they have attacked people who are camping out and are asleep.

‘They will maybe bite off a part of your face or another sensitive body part and just start eating you. This would be one of the worst deaths as it would be very long.’

— NewZimbabwe/Africa Hunting


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