Old Leaders Can No Longer Serve Nation

Old leaders do not have the capacity to transform the economy, a youth organization has said.

In a statement First Choice Movement has said youths should be given the opportunity to take up leadership positions.

See the full statement:

First Choice Movement (FCM) is a youth organization that was founded in 2016(Zimbabwe) based on the principle of pan Africanism. The African continent is divided on tribal,political, race and religious lines.

The division in Africa was mainly influenced by the divide and rule tactic that was used by settlers for them to be able to control the Africans. Colonization came and is past us but Africa is not yet free.A free people are those who are economically independent.Capital is still in the hands of our colonial masters and there is need to empower the African.

The message of economic independence is important for our continent. Land should be returned to its rightful owners.In South Africa Julius Malema is leading a campaign that is going to make sure Africans are given back their land. The move by Malema is good but South Africa has to learn
from Zimbabwe.

They should create a model will make sure human rights are not violated and land is given to deserving people and not allocated on political lines.Economic independence in Africa can only be achieved if the young people in the continent have the right mindset.The youth are the builders of any nation and this age is the one that is going to bring change to Africa.

First Choice Movement is anchored on first choices and as young Africans our first choice is to build Africa.We have to restore peace in Africa and practice good governance.

Our grandfathers the likes of Nkwame Nkruma,Nelson Mandela,Robert Mugabe and Kenneth Kaunda at their time they politically liberated Afria but now it is our time to liberate Africa economically.Africans should own properties and they should rise as a people.

We have to rise and fight against poverty.However we cannot build Africa whilst we are divided.We have to unite as young people in order for the continent to move forward.The continent is moving towards intergration
and those who are obligated to unite Africa are the youth.

Therefore we have to work together from ANC in South Africa,EFF,DA, UNIP, PF, MDC, ZANU PF, PDP in Nigeria, SWAPO and MPLA.We
have to work together be it Zulu, Ndebele, Shona,Swahili,Tonga and any other tribe indigenous to Africa.

The continent has been facing serious problems for many years.Poverty is the root of all the problems that we have facing and our main problem in Africa has been corruption.Corruption has destroyed Africans state and leaders have stayed longer in power because they are afraid to be
prosecuted for corruption.

African governments have also been at the centre of abusing human righs.Free and fair elections are rare in Africa and security forces are used to kill people when they are supposed to protect them.It is quite sad that Africa is going nowhere because there is a leadership crisis in the continent.The continent is being led by old revolutionaries who have an old way of thinking.

Today it is our time as young people to build Africa.It is our duty as our fathers did their part.We cannot let old people build Africa when should be retiring from work whilst we fold our hands.We have the power to change Africa only if we unite and come out strong.

FCM wishes to bring young people together and discuss the way forward for Africa.We envision an independent unified Africa with one uniform currency.Africa that is borderless and that adds value to its resources.We also believe in the vision of Muammar Gaddafi of selling oil in gold.This
is the main reason why the colonel was murdered by the West because they had an interest in Libya.

The 2011 Arab Spring was used to destroy Gaddafi and had become so strong that he became a threat to US foreign policy.As an organization we believe Africa should be compensated of the crimes commited against humanity in the dark age.Africa today is about 300 years behind because Slave Trade.

Our manpower was used for free and helped industrialize Europe.There Africa needs to be compensated.If Germany had to pay reparations for causing the World War ,we also need compensation as Africa.Countries that colonized African states they should also compensate Africa.

Moreso there is need for countries Jamaica,Haiti and the West Indies to be part of African Union. These people are Africans. We also ask for blacks Americans to come back home and invest in their motherland.Marcus Garvey was fond of saying that a people without knowledge of their past is like a tree a without roots.

Hence they should come back and learn their real culture and know their real identity.

The youth movement FCM has been growing since 2016 and is still operating within Zimbabwe but wishes to spread across the 55 states of Africa.From 2020 as an organization we are going to start building Africa from scratch.Correcting the mistakes of our fathers,fighting corruption,making Africa ecomically independent and taking steps to transfer power the older generation to the younger generation.

We look forward to reform the African Union and make it
an independent body.Our growth has been deterred mainly due to lack of funding but we have put mechanisms in place in order to fund our activities as we are independent entity preaching the gold spell of economic independence.
The organization from 2 September,2019 is embarking on a mass mobilization programme. The mobilization will start from universities from Zimbabwe.Universities are the centres of civilians and intellectuals will assist in making Africa take first choices.We are going to be structuring
throughout 2019 and eventually launch the movement in 2020.

The movement does not support any political party but wishes to work with all political parties for purposes of building Africa. A National Students’ Council is the first temporary committee that is going to spearhead mobilization in Zimbabwean universities.

This 2019 our main focus is mobilization and educating the young people on the importance of unity.In Zimbabwe we are going to craft the Zimbabwe Youth Charter.It is important for young people to converge and deliberate on issues that affect them.

As a movement we intend to reach all Zimbabweans and try to craft our own Africa as young people.
FCM Founder Twitter @KumbiraiMutengo

Kumbirai Mutengo


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