‘Of old wine and new skins’

By Herman Moyo

Beneath the veneer of conformity and modernity lies the primordial man whose entire raison’detre is to break free and run around in the buff all the while screaming ‘Eureka! free at last’

Free of the deep state with its shallow Hobson’s choice: choose scarf, remain hungry but remain alive or, choose yellow, take a spin on Russian roulette, shut your eyes tightly, clench your jaws, squeeze the trigger. And anything can happen.

Free of the men in dark glasses, cheap suits and fake leather Chinese shoes, skulking in the shadows, vicariously taking umbrage at the behest of state, ready to pounce.

Free of the excitable green bombers, ma whindi moonlighting in ZRP uniforms and free of the old dummkopfs who’ve been doing the same old, same old for over forty years and hoping for a different outcome, for over forty years! And have outsourced their God given right to think.

They’ve have totally bought into the new dispensation mantra which, ironically, is wholly powered by the old dispensation.

Old wine in new skins. Vinegar pretending to be wine.

Free of bro Nzondora and aunty maKhuphe’s entryism. Free of gramps Malaba’s guile who “sold out everybody’s birthright for another stab at the bench.

Free of the church; the so called voice of reason conspicuous by its craven reticence in the face of unprecedented meltdown.

Free of SADC’s denialism, ‘crises, what crises?’ Free of operation dudula’s mordant brand of populism which has worked to the advantage of Mzansi’s polical class. No wonder their posses now get police VIP protection as they go about the business of vicious vigilantism.

But securely tethered the primordial human being shall remain.

And church will tighten up the screws, remind him there’s a greater power that exalts and exhausts, that appoints and disappoints. That it’s not for him to wonder why but for him to do or die

Otherwise the new dispensation would dispense with him through the courts which are obliged to guarantee a fair trial that may or may not include v11s, falcrum or pith. And then find him guilty as sin.


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