Nominations now open for Zim Social Media Awards!

The Zimbabwean Social Media awards are intended to recognise and reward the most influential Zimbabwean social media personalities. Nominations are currently underway for the Zimbabwean Social Media awards and will close on the 2nd of July 2018. These awards are being held by the Tribe of Influencers who also pioneered the Zimbabwean Blog Awards earlier this year.

“The Zimbabwean Social Media Awards are primarily meant to highlight the marketing value of referrals, word of mouth and third-party endorsements. We want the brands to know that influencers exist in Zimbabwe and that they can prove their influence by mobilising their followers to vote for them. The awards are also an effective way of promoting best practices in social media marketing,” said Kudzanai Thondhlana, Business Development Manager at Tribe of Influencers.

The Zimbabwean Blog Awards garnered over 60 000 votes earlier this year. This shows that Zimbabwean personalities and platforms are creating genuine connections and followings with audiences within their various niches of focus.

“Social media has changed the way we interact with one another, share information, sell products and enjoy entertainment. It cuts across all sectors and is pivotal because it gives the consumer a voice. Referrals greatly influence purchasing decisions and social personalities have the power to influence buyers,” outlined Thondhlana.

Nominations and awards are an indicator of a personality’s influence. Being nominated will not only give these individuals public recognition but also the showcase their value addition to brands through the audiences they are connected to. This is, after all, at the core of what the brand managers want to know. If we use an influencer to advertise our product, how many people will see and engage with the advert?

“We’re doing things differently this time. The panelist judges will shortlist the 5 final nominees that will be vying for the respective award in that category. From there the people will vote and decide the winner solely from the number of votes. It’s a simple popularity contest,” stated Thondhlana.

Tribe of Influencers is an influencer network specialising in influencer marketing. The firm is strategically positioned to identify influencers and leverage market developments to amplify marketing efforts.

Tribe of Influencers recently introduced the #ZimFluential WhatsApp Masterclasses whereby every Wednesday a thought leader is invited to teach about a topic that they are highly knowledgeable in. The Masterclass has attracted experts and members from across Africa. Through storytelling, direct teaching and communication on several social media platforms, the Tribe is equipping content creators with the knowledge that they need to improve their craft.

“We hope to build a sustainable, dynamic and viable creative industry. Through our various programmes such as the blog academy and upcoming new media conference, we hope to continue elevating content creators and sharing ideas that make for great content creation,” concluded Thondhlana.

Nominations for the Zimbabwean Social Media awards can be made here:


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