Friday, November 15, 2019
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‘Ngaauye Tipedzerane!’…

…Mai Titi Challenges Madam Boss To A One On One As ‘Kushandisa Makumbo’ Saga Gets Hot


The public fallout between comedy queens Madam Boss and Mai Titi seems to have taken a domino effect now with the latter challenging the former to a one on one on social media.

The former best friends made news last week after Mai Titi accused Madam Boss of backstabbing her by badmouthing her on Whatsapp. A furious Mai Titi accused Madam Boss of sleeping her way to the top and using her feminine wiles to advance her career.

After Madam boss’s silence on the issue, most people began to accuse Mai Titi of jealousy and attention seeking, something she didn’t take too kindly to..


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