New details on why Zanu PF members, supporters will vote Chamisa on 30 July

By Correspondent
Before I explain why ZANU PF members and supporters will vote for Chamisa, let me debunk a myth being spread by junta agents who want to falsely accuse the MDC Alliance of ousting President Mugabe. All the five major coup events between 13th and 21st November 2017 were done by Chiwenga and Mnangagwa’s proxies:

1. Chiwenga conducted the press conference on 13th November at KGIV Barracks threatening President Mugabe about firing Mnangagwa – there was no MDC Alliance there;
2. Chiwenga self-deployed the military on 15th November and put President Mugabe under house arrest – again there was no MDC Alliance involvement;
3. The march on 18th November was a war veterans programme, not MDC Alliance event even though they were used (vakaitiswa);
4. The fake ZANU PF Central Committee meeting on 19th November to recall President Mugabe was not done by MDC Alliance; and
5. The forced impeachment on 21st November was only possible with ZANU PF’s two thirds majority in parliament, once more MDC Alliance was not a factor.
It is obvious that who-ever puts forward a narrative that President Mugabe was ousted by the MDC Alliance marching on 18th November is definitely a junta spy spreading falsehood in order to cleanse Mnangagwa.

ZANU PF members and supporters are in four broad categories. The first category, made up of those who left ZANU PF during the 2008 elections with the departure of Dr Simba Makoni and Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, clearly articulated on 15th June 2018 that they will vote for Chamisa when Dr Dabengwa announced that he was not going to file papers as a Presidential candidate. Dr Dabengwa, as a survivor of torture under Mnangagwa in the 1980s, knows that Chamisa represents the best way of stopping Mnangagwa.

The second category is comprised of those who were expelled together with Dr Joice Mujuru. These people are made up of victims of the fake intelligence that was created by Mnangagwa and Chiwenga in 2014. Most of these people, including struggle stalwarts like Comrade Rugare Gumbo (another victim of torture under Mnangagwa in the 1970s), are so painfully aware of how cruel and vindictive Mnangagwa is that they will ensure that he does not get another chance of putting his hands on state power. Even though some of them are humouring Dr Joice Mujuru’s feeble attempt at being President, they know that the only credible way to stop Mnangagwa is to support Chamisa.

The third category of ZANU PF members and supporters are the ones who have remained in ZANU PF in a sad manner reminiscent of how a battered spouse will continue to remain in an abusive relationship for the sake of the children. We saw how they were being brutalised in Bindura for simply attempting to go back to their homes. They are painfully aware that they are enslaved in a ZANU PF captured by the military for the personal benefit of Mnangagwa and Chiwenga. As they chant the EDiotic slogan of “ED Pfee” they secretly and silently add the word “mundove” as they plan to vote for Chamisa so that they can be free from their enslavement. ED Pfee mundove.

The fourth category is of those that have been marginalised and expelled from ZANU PF together with President Mugabe. This category has three groupings, the first of which has accepted that ZANU PF is dead and its corpse has been taken over by the military They had put their hopes and faith on NPF but with NPF not having a viable presidential candidate they will vote for Chamisa.

The second grouping of the expelled is still in denial that ZANU PF is dead and are hoping to re-enter a de-militarised ZANU PF. Some of the people that have filed nomination papers as independent candidates are within this second grouping which will vote for Chamisa as a way of ejecting Mnangagwa and Chiwenga and demilitarising ZANU PF.

The third grouping of the fourth category is made up of political prostitutes who had agreed to be used by the junta to destabilise the opposition in the hope of being readmitted to ZANU PF. The activities of this grouping, which is in charge of the junta sponsored NPF’s spoiler operations are described more fully below when I discuss NPF. This very small grouping of schizophrenic political prostitutes has realised that Chamisa is the real deal and are seeking to be accommodated in Chamisa’s government. Chamisa will never, and must never, make the mistake of including these charlatans.

I do not mention NPF members as one of the voting stakeholder groupings that will vote for Chamisa because the NPF is a special case that has been the target of three separate strategies by the junta who have been using the fatal unbridled ambition of certain persons. The sad reality is that there is no NPF as envisaged by the founders when they established it on 7th December 2017. The real NPF exists only in terms of its founding documents and its founding members. The real NPF does not even have a single member in terms of its Constitution and the Consultation Points Document distributed in January 2018. This means that so-called NPF members and supporters are within the four categories described above.

It is important to note that the junta agents managed to successfully hoodwink people into running as candidates for a fake NPF as part of a junta-sponsored spoiler campaign. This fake NPF was created for the specific objective of fielding a presidential candidate to be a junta sponsored spoiler. The sole purpose and existence of this spoiler presidential candidate is to ensure that people who subscribe to the ideals, principles, values and objectives of the real NPF of 7th December 2017 do not vote for Chamisa.

The junta sponsored NPF’s spoiler presidential candidate has not even bothered to leave his farm and campaign. He does not have a manifesto to explain what he stands for because he stands for nothing except to be a spoiler. The supposed NPF candidates that are meant to be providing him with support at parliamentary and local authority levels have not met him. In essence, several innocent people who think that they are genuine NPF candidates are being dragged along to be delivered as electoral spoilers; varikuroverwa musaga.

However, the electorate has caught onto this trick and chosen to ignore the junta sponsored NPF’s spoiler presidential candidate in favour of voting for Chamisa as President. As a response to the growing popularity of Chamisa, the junta has been attempting to propagate a narrative that falsely accuses Chamisa of seeking to bring back President Mugabe from retirement.

It is unfortunate that two of the junta sponsored NPF’s parliamentary candidates have given interviews to the media lying that NPF has an electoral pact with MDC Alliance. It is impossible that MDC Alliance could enter into any agreement where NPF would provide a Vice President to the nation when that so-called formation of the NPF cannot even name who its party president is, let alone party vice presidents. Whichever way one looks at the various configurations of NPF, there is no way the MDC Alliance can enter into any arrangement with the only political outfit that has the deplorable record of not even being able to produce a manifesto, let alone launch an election campaign; forget about launching itself or even registering members.

Iwe Neni Tine Basa. Umsebenzi lo Umkhulu
Asante Sana


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