...Woman Makes Shocking Discovery About Her ‘Mom & Dad’ After 35 Years

For her entire life Susan lived happily with her loving parents until she discovered that her whole life had been a lie.

It was when she bought a house, she discovered what she claims was a terrible truth.

She now claims she was stolen by the people she thought were her parents.

“Everything was fine until I left home and got my own life going. I built a house,” said 35-year-old Susan Netshidi from Ndjelele in Venda, Limpopo.

She claimed that’s the day her parents accused her of being ungrateful.
“They said I should have got them a house instead of building one for myself,” she claimed.
“They told me I should go and find my own parents.”

Susan said she was shattered. She claimed her parents were jealous that she built a house in Limpopo which they wanted.

They allegedly told her they regretted taking her on as their own child.

When Susan demanded to know what they were talking about, she claims they told her she was not their own child.

They apparently said her real mother was somewhere in Honeydew, Joburg.

“I’m hurt. I’m destroyed. I suspect my parents must have stolen me because they don’t have papers from social workers to show that I was adopted.”

Susan has been going all over Honeydew searching for her own parents.

“They told me my mother was a coloured person. I was always treated differently from the other children but I didn’t understand why until they told me I was not their child.”

Yesterday she went to the Honeydew Police Station to open a case against the people who raised her, and who she knows as her parents.

But the woman’s father, Phineas Netshidi, denied it all, adding that Susan was definitely his child.

“She’s my child. But the case was opened and we are waiting for blood tests to be done,” he told Daily Sun.

Captain Balan Muthan of Honeydew Police Station confirmed that a case of child theft was opened and cops are investigating.


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