My late granny torments me in my sleep!

Edwin Ndlovu always gets a shout to wake him up every time he’s enjoying his sleep. It comes in the voice of his late grandmother.

“I haven’t been sleeping well these past few months, my late grandmother has been visiting me in my dreams, and she just appears out of the blue to wake me up.

“At first I thought it was a sign or some warning from her about a danger which is yet to come but I soon realised she was just tormenting me,” he said.

Ndlovu is an artisanal miner by profession and whenever he tries to rest after a hard day’s work the minute he shuts his eyes, bam! His granny appears again.

“I am tired now because it is affecting my concentration at work,” he added.

It has been happening for almost six months and all the time in the dream the tormenting granny would be wearing all black with blood shot eyes. He has tried all avenues from prophets to sangomas but they seem to fall short.

“I have visited different prophets to help me with my situation. I have bathed with different herbs that chase spirits away but so far nothing has changed, I keep on seeing her. I sometimes see her even if I’m awake. I think I am hallucinating because I would be the only one seeing her,” he added.

It only happens when he’s at his house so when he really needs a break he sleeps in other people’s homes.


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