“My grandfather was a sangoma” says Muvhango’s Mulimisi (Hulisani Tsharani)

Hulisani Tsharani is a South African actor who plays Mulimisi on Muvhango. The actor has stated that while he is not a sangoma in real life, his grandfather was a sangoma.

38-year-old Hulisani Tsharani first appeared on the popular SABC 2 soapie as Lufuno Mukwevho’s crazy boyfriend. Now he is a family Sangoma of the Mukwevho royal family, Mulimisi Negota.

Hulisani nails his Muvhango character, Mulimisi, as if he was a sangoma in real life. Fans are amazed by the way he shakes his body and grunts. However, Hulisani is a devoted Christian and his church members understand him better as they saw him growing since he was a child.

Humbulani comes from a family where his late grandfather was a Sangoma but he died while Hulisani was a kid. In his storyline on Muvhango, Mulimisi is imitating his late grandfather.

Even though he didn’t get to teach him how to do it, it is clear that Mulimisi has a bit of it in his blood which is why he makes it look real. “Family members and people from my village say I play the role of Mulimisi as if it was my granddad “, he said.

He always tells people that he can only act as a Sangoma but he cannot heal people. He is not a Sangoma in real life, he is only acting. However, people always ask him to help them when they come across him in public areas.

Hulisani is quite the family man. He is a father to a son and has a good relationship with his siblings. He is the only brother to a number of sisters. He speaks of his son lovingly and is clearly a doting father. The Muvhango actor has an aversion to social media and so he stays hidden. – SavannahNews


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