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“Mwonzora Will Not Get Even A Single Vote “



Fiery political commentator Antony Taruvinga has claimed Douglas Mwonzora has literally written his political epitaph by challenging Nelson Chamisa for the MDC A presidency.

Taruvinga is of the view that Mwonzora will not even be nominated for the position.

Taruvinga argued: Douglas Mwonzora, you will not get a single nomination.

If you are tough, why cant you be tough to Zanu PF right now. The whole party administration is in a mess because we have a Zanu PF Secretary General.

Allow that to get into your skull.

The membership will not allow a Zanu PF puppet and a Johnny Come Late to derail the struggle.

We know why you have never been beaten, tortured or physically abused by Zanu PF. This is mainly because you are one of them.

There won’t be a presidential ballot paper. The nomination stage is the right time to deal with ninicompoopery and tomfoolery.


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