Muslim Man Marries Woman Old Enough To Be His Mother In Fairytale Internet Romance

In something that reads like a romantic tale from a fairytale, a young Muslim man is set to marry the love of his life who he met on the internet. The two lovebirds are so into each other and have proved that age is nothing but just a number as the woman is old enough to be the mother of her lover.

46-year-old American woman, Janine Ann Reimann recently arrived in Kano State, Nigeria to marry her lover, 23-year-old Suleiman Isah Isah. Janine who is a chef based in Lindon, California met Suleiman on social media site Instagram and this led to a whirlwind romance, which has culminated in the impending nuptials. Janine has said that she hopes to return to the United States with her new lover.

Janine originally visited Suleiman in Nigeria back in January so that the two could finally meet in person. During the visit, the two agreed to get married in March. Unfortunately, for the two lovebirds, Covid-19 hit and most of the world imposed lockdown measures to curb the spread of the disease. This saw many countries instituting travel bans which limited international travel.

They have since moved their wedding to the 13th of December and Janine has already landed in Nigeria to prepare for the nuptials. Writing on his Facebook page, Suleiman said

Asalamu alaikum inayiwa dukkanin daukacin alummar musulmai barka da wannan lokaci tareh da sanardasu da gayyatarsu zuwa gurin daurin Aurena .Wassalam 

(Peace be upon you, I am wishing all Muslims a happy moment together with their invitation to my wedding. Good morning  )


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