Africa Day this year marks the 55th anniversary of the formation of the Organisation of Africa Unity, which was created to promote solidarity between African nations as more and more countries assumed their independence. As the continent marks this anniversary on Friday May 25, MultiChoice Africa will proudly commemorate Africa Day with its own celebratory inputs.

 Said Lovemore Mangwende, Chief Executive Officer  of MultiChoice Zimbabwe: “In many ways, MultiChoice Africa’s philosophies reflect the principles of the Africa Day celebration, from cultivating unity to forging a brighter future. At its heart, the company uses entertainment to enrich African lives by telling the continent’s stories; stories that open people’s minds, unite communities and connect Africans to new realities.”               

He said MultiChoice Africa was undeniably one of Africa’s greatest media success stories, with a footprint spanning 49 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and a growing continental customer base for the various DStv services.

 “The company has always aimed at creating value for customers, employees and society, and will continue to innovate to build a successful business for the future. This sentiment is evident in its significant support for local communities through creating vital employment opportunities at its offices and in small enterprises focusing on satellite technology installation and repairs. Rooted in the countries where its customers live and managed by local people, the MultiChoice Africa family employs 2 750 employees and supports over 14 000 agencies and installers, including here in Zimbabwe.”  

In its pursuit to become the best African storyteller, MultiChoice Africa has also invested in local content and has been involved in upgrading technical talent through training, supporting emerging film producers and directors, and broadcasting locally-produced shows, all in its drive to ignite Africa’s creative industries, transforming them into vibrant, economic powerhouses. Zimbabwean content is now seen regularly on Zambezi Magic, for example, and it is hoped this trend will continue and increase.

MultiChoice Africa produces more than 16 local content channels showcasing local content and has created the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards to further celebrate African film making.                

Mr Mangwende said MultiChoice had also supported local communities, allocating increasing resources to employment, opportunities for SMEs, increasing local content and investing in corporate social investment projects.

 “We believe MultiChoice is tangibly enriching lives in Zimbabwe,” said Mr Mangwende. 

He also said MultiChoice Africa aimed at not only using entertainment as a powerful driver of change in local communities, but also as a means of telling more local stories, documenting African history and providing a platform for Africans to share African stories.

Increasing advances in digital technology in Africa are creating new opportunities to innovate, especially regarding how local content will be delivered. With its investment in and commitment to the future of Africa, MultiChoice recognises its collective responsibility to play an active role in ensuring Africa benefits from these opportunities. To this end it continues to invest in digital technology to make entertainment more accessible to Africans anywhere, anytime.               

While it’s never clear what the future holds for media businesses, what is certain is that people today consume more news and entertainment than ever before. This trend is set to continue, highlighting the importance of relevant and resonant content. As a content and technology innovator, MultiChoice is well placed to take advantage of digital advances to tell stories that educate and inform African audiences as well as taking Africa’s stories to the world.  

“That is certainly worth celebrating this Africa Day,” said Mr Mangwende


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