Mother introduces daughter to three fathers in one year

WHO is the real dad?

A woman from Plumtree is at loggerheads with her mother after she reportedly introduced her to three men on different occasions saying they were her father.

Cleopatra Tshuma (020) grew up not knowing her father and after troubling her mother about the whereabouts of her father, she was then introduced to three men within a year.

As a result of this, the mother and daughter relationship collapsed.

Tshuma opened up to B-Metro saying: “I think I was cursed from birth. Nothing has ever been good in my life.

“I grew up not knowing my father and every time I tried to raise the issue, my mother just told me not to remind her about her painful past.

“As a child I avoided that issue, but now that I am grown up and have got a lot of problems which need my father’s attention I seriously started demanding answers.

“It was after having two failed marriages and both men dumped me without serious reasons,” said Tshuma.

She revealed that after consulting traditionalists, she was told that the only person who could put an end to the bad spell was her father.

“After telling my mother what I had been told, she then promised to help me find my father and introduced me to Owen Mpala.

“When I was still trying to create a relationship with the man, she told me to stop communicating with him saying she had found my real father,” said the troubled Tshuma.

She was given a certain address in Old Pumula and the name of the said father, but upon arrival was told that there was no such person who lived there.

Still fighting to get the truth, her mother travelled with her to Bulawayo and they met this other man identified as Ndaba Nyathi.

“When I asked Nyathi if he was my father, he said he was not sure as my mother never told him that she was pregnant with his baby.

“Now I am even more confused and have cut communication with my mother because I think she enjoys seeing me suffer.

“I will not even communicate with any of those two men I met because they were also not sure,” she said.

When Sanele Tshuma was contacted for comment, she said she was not sure who was her daughter’s father, therefore she was hoping that they would find out the truth.

“To be honest I do not know who her real father is. It is said that when a man impregnates you, he will be knowing so I was hoping that one of them would confess, but unfortunately they all acted shocked and unaware,” said the woman.

She said they were going to engage family elders and solve the problem. Efforts to get comments from the said fathers were fruitless.


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