Mother casts lock spell on son, marriage on the rocks

IT sounds strange indeed!

Jannet Chiwara from Bulawayo’s Mpopoma suburb’s lifelong agony is that her mother-in-law allegedly cast a spell on her husband Lamson Mbano so that he becomes a “flop” in the bedroom.

Her pain became even worse when the 75-year-old mother-in-law Evelyn Mbano declared that she was initially against the idea of her son getting married to her.

Chiwara who is apparently experiencing low moments in her life is now suspecting her husband of sleeping with his biological mother or having a spiritual wife.

Her extreme and shocking suspicions were revealed by her husband at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he was seeking a restraining order against her.

“I am seeking a protection order against my wife because she is emotionally abusing me by claiming that I am having sex with my 75-year-old mother. I don’t understand why she is saying that I am having sexual intercourse with my biological mother.

“She is also saying when I’m sleeping, I will be calling out her name. As a result of those accusations I no longer want to stay or have a sexual relationship with her. My wife is also emotionally abusing my mother with those allegations that I am sleeping with her,” bitterly complained Lamson.

He said his wife was also suspecting that his mother cast a spell on him so that he would not have sexual intercourse with her adding that he couldn’t understand why the person who raised him for so many years would do that to him.

In response, Chiwara admitted that they had problems in their bedroom and she suspected her mother-in-law to be the author of those marital problems.

“It is true that we have problems in our bedroom but the issue looks spiritual. It seems my husband has a spiritual wife. It is, however, not true that I am suspecting him of sleeping with his mother but she (the mother) is the one who said so when she unhesitantly declared to me that she initially didn’t want her son to get married,” responded Chiwara.

Presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga dismissed Lamson’s application for a protection order following his wife’s submissions that their marital problems were a result of spiritual forces.


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