ENLIGHTENED Christian Gathering Church (ECG) leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says God has showed him a vision in which Zimbabwe will develop to the levels reached by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in six years.

Prophet Bushiri, whose followers call him Major One, said this last week during a church service attended by about 20 000 people at the Pretoria Show Grounds in South Africa.

His external media and content relations manager, Mr Maynard Manyowa, said: “Major One is apolitical. He prays for the current leadership as instructed by the Bible and supports the people of Zimbabwe and the Government. He believes in the leaders to take Zimbabwe to the promised land as God showed him in a vision.”

In the prophecy, the preacher said, “The sleeping giant is going to rise. You have not seen what God is about to do in Zimbabwe. I am seeing a new city which is like Dubai, I am seeing a new city. I had a vision. It will look like Dubai and God said to me I am about to bless this land.

“God said tell the people who are struggling in other countries, that they are about to return home and be rich in their homeland. Zimbabwe is about to become rich because God is working on that country.

“Remember my word, my prophecy, in the next six years from now, you will see something that looks like Dubai being built in Zimbabwe. I saw the roads in this city, I saw the buildings, wonderful things about this city. God is about to do something, He will do with not with an individual but with Zimbabweans. Not one woman, not one politician but all of them together. God is doing a new thing in Zimbabwe.

“Raise your hands and pray for the nation of Zimbabwe. I will bless Zimbabwe, says the Lord. God will rise in His power and bless the people of Zimbabwe. They will not cry anymore. I see the land which will take away the shame of Africa. Zimbabwe is about to be blessed. God is restoring Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a unique sleeping giant. It’s not the first time that I have said this. God has remembered the apple of his eye and the country is now sitting on the foot of prosperity.

“I have come to discover that sometimes the battle is more personal that we assume. Sometimes, the battles we face have nothing to do with us doing wrong but they are there to remind us of who God has called us to be.

“It’s as though God keeps trying to prove that the call is undefeatable by nothing else but His hand. So I wear my scars for all to see, as I prove that Major is not a title but a responsibility.” – SundayMail



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