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More details emerge about CUT student’s murderer

The murder of Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) student, Angela Dapi, has caused waves in both the education fraternity and the country at large.

The girl was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Richard Nenohwe, at a Harare hotel and the latter tried to commit suicide after the murder.

Angela was buried in Marondera at Paradise Cemetery on Saturday. H-Metro attended the burial and spoke to the parties involved.

Richard’s family attended the funeral to pay their condolences and apologies, led by Richard’s guardian, Rufasi Nenohwe – his late father’s brother.

He was accompanied by his younger brother, Wellington and Richard’s brother, Munyaradzi Nenohwe.

Richard’s brother Munyaradzi said he got a text from Richard from his hospital bed informing him that he had killed his girlfriend.

“He (Richard) informed me by texting through the phone from hospital, he said we had an argument, and I asked why, and he said he Richard had cheated on his girlfriend.

“So I asked him again on what transpired for that argument to result in this situation and he just typed again saying they just had an argument.

“He said due to this (killing his girlfriend), it was no longer necessary for him to live anymore.

“I kept on asking for the reason why, but he sounded as if he was not really in a state to explain what transpired.

“After doing what he did, he sent his workmate and friend Tinashe in Shurugwi a message saying, ‘I have killed my girlfriend and I cut myself and I’m bleeding to death,”.

“But myself, he once called me and I recorded that call, he was just asking saying, ‘do you want to know’?

“And I kept asking him, ‘to know what”.

“And he just said, I have cut my wrist and I am bleeding to death, and I said why, tell me where you are.

“So I asked him many questions and he just said, ‘I will tell you when I am about to die’.

“So I did not know what to do then, after that that’s where I got the message and I started looking for Tinashe’s uncle, their boss.

“That was when we started to look for him, after going to police telling them that we are having bad calls from someone who is not telling us his whereabouts.

“We heard he sometimes goes to Hotel Elizabeth but he had booked using a wrong name, so the police gave up looking for him.

“The new shift manager checked in his Hotel Booking records and found that he was not booked in and said to us, ‘there is a receipt here, maybe they had used the wrong surname during the printing because our surname is often a problem, that was when we saw Richard’s phone number booked in room 108, Hotel Elizabeth.

“That was when we started talking to that manager, trying to open the door, the police were calling, ‘open the door, open the door’.

“Richard was answering saying, ‘Mukudei ndatadze chiyi’, as if I do not know.

“So I was now just quiet wondering what was happening inside really until the door was opened by force but I could tell that he was drunk. And alive.

“After entering, we discovered that the girl was lifeless on bed without cloths and Richard had blood oozing wounds after cutting his throat.

“I did not put more focus on him from then as we were now hunting for the Dapi family and worried about how to approach them.

“I do not even know the depth of his state today though when I last talked to him, he was talking faintly, but he seemed like he was recovering,” said the distraught brother.

Munya said he knew Richard was in a relationship with Angela.

“Yes, he used to say that he has someone. You would also see through phone statuses that he would be with his girlfriend, and I used to tell him that I wanted a formal introduction because they were together I suspect for 2 to 3 years, I do not know the exact years but when he was often talking about his partner saying, ‘sometimes if I am at the college, if things are harder for me, my girlfriend (Angela Violet Dapi) often lends me some money at times paying for my bills, so I need to pay her back’.

“So to me, I used to say, ‘thank God if you have someone who understands you and the way you live, because I had the same privilege of having such a wife who helped me when I was still single, so I do not know what later happened for the tables to turn upside down like this.

“But my wife, Mrs Marvelous Nenohwe used to talk to Richard’s girlfriend (Angela Dapi). And after he cheated, my wife says Angela sent a message to Richard saying, ‘Handichakuda , wandi cheater’”, said Munyaradzi.


Their father’s brother, Rufasi Nenohwe said the Dapis received them like they had not killed their daughter.

“We have a lot to talk about at this funeral, we are totally shocked, the picture that we came with from our home, and the unexpected way we have been welcomed and cared for by the Dapi family here in Marondera, have left us embarassed.

“You know when you commit a crime, you will be thinking that there is no one who will ever love you, but here it’s totally different, especially (Angela’s) father, Baba Ido Dapi. He came out openly saying this problem is for us all, these two are the ones who wronged each other, not us as their parents.

“This made us feel free. We were not even asked to do anything throughout this funeral.

“We arrived well, were welcomed, accommodated, fed and even bathing was not a problem.

“Richard’s parents passed on long back and he grew up as the quietest and nonviolent boy ever, today we are shocked by his character, really shocked.

“He never showed us this girl,” said Rufasi.


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