Mnangagwa Spokesperson EXPOSES Allies, Dismisses COUP Attempt Claims As Black Propaganda


President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson and Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet has blasted claims made by staunch supporters of the President that a “palace coup” was being planned to remove Mnangagwa. Charamba dismissed the claims made by former deputy Finance Minister Terrence Mukupe and Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Mayor Justice Wadyajena as black propaganda being peddled by Western Forces to destabilize the presidency. Speaking to the Chronicle, Charamba said: We are back to the days of black propaganda where falsehoods are peddled as news and fact but also an attempt to paint the President as an evil character.

We saw how a picture of the President’s visit to a museum of human history in Kazakhstan was turned around to suggest that he was dabbling in voodooism. That’s typical black propaganda.

We also saw made up reports of a coup d’état which were then unmade by the same voices so as to attack cohesion within Zanu-PF, the leadership and our security establishment.

I was not spared with a well-respected international news organisation claiming to have got a tweet from me. I have never tweeted and I will never tweet. It’s not my style and platform of communication. That’s part of rumour mongering meant to destabilise the State.


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