Who is Innocent Ndibali?

Innocent Ndibali is proud Zimbabwean, a Commander-In-Chief of Economic Freedom Fighters (Zimbabwe Chapter: EFF-Zim), business man in the UK, a Registered Social Worker in the UK with a Masters Degree in International Social Work and community Development from the University of London.

I also hold a BA Social work degree from Manchester Metropolitan. I am an experienced professional working with vulnerable adults – the underprivileged in society, the down-trodden, the poor and those suffering from different disabilities.

My professional role is to empower people to be more independent – advocating for them to fight social injustice, fight economic inequality etc.  On a personal level, l was born into a war, grew up in a war zone – my parents were liberation war fighters based in Zambia during our liberation struggle in the 1970s. I am a husband and a father. 

What drove you into politics?

I have and I am living through the experience of seeing the painful suffering of my fellow Zimbabweans who on a daily basis struggle to make ends meet. I see everyday men and women, children and the elderly, able-bodied and the disabled toiling through the indignity of poverty, experiencing poor healthcare, skyrocketing unemployment, lack of opportunities to advance theirs and their children’s lives.

It pains me to see young people’s dreams being shattered because they cannot afford to go to university or get a rewarding job, it pains me to see that businesses are forced to seize trade because the country has no currency of its on and has no viable economic policy which provides certainty to investors.

I see a country which has no respect for private property rights. I am a witness of the greatest organised theft of national resources by those in powerful government positions. I have seen the violation of people’s human rights resulting in the unspeakable violation of the dignity of our people.

I have seen the erosion of our education system which fast moving towards to the Stone Age era in certain communities around the country.  Because I have a conscience and courage to stand up and fight for the restoration of the dignity of our people, I am here today as a politician inspired by the lived experience of man-made tragedy which has condemned our people to poverty and lack of self- worthiness.

I am inspired by the desire to fight for change, to fight for economic freedom in our life time. I come into politics as a new face with new ideas, as a visionary politician with a clear vision for the betterment of our people’s lives, as a son of a great nation of Zimbabwe whose time to arise is here and now.

What do you offer which is different from other candidates?

Let us recall that each generation has its struggles. Ours as young people it’s for economic freedom and emancipation.

We stand with and for all young people of all genders and working together with our liberators from colonialism and elders, but our struggle is steered by young people.

EFF is a political party of the people by the people. We have a carefully thought out philosophy and ideology offering a mass movement of radical democrats who seek a radical transformation of the lives of the people of Zimbabwe through engaging in strategic policies designed to fix the economy by economically empowering our people as a prerequisite to any change.

We have laid down sound policies on land ownership, reviving the economy, rebuilding our healthcare infrastructure among other key areas of economic transformation. Other parties focus on more of the same old politics of personality cults and rhetoric, use and condoning violence for political ends, turning a blind eye to corruption and using the poor to get into political power, EFF  works with the ordinary and the poor to demand change and to transforms lives for many and not for only the few.

We stand for…. (Manifesto policies cardinal points just a few). In the history of Zimbabwe, we are a political party formed by the young, ordinary and poor people of Zimbabwe.

We are a political party seeking to transform the lives of all Zimbabweans of all political creed, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation or tribal identity. We are fighters for all.

Why have you not joined the mainstream parties?

I work collaboratively and co-operatively with other progressive democrats who genuinely seek to transform the lives of our people. Co-existence and multi-party democracy helps in fronting a better society.

That is why I also came with another platform for betterment of our country. However our focus is on radical transformation of the economy because we believe that the economic transformation is the lifeblood to the survival of our nation and the restoration of dignity of our people.

I believe that fighting for a just and good cause is worthy of staying principled to what you believe in. I do not seek political expediency or popularity at the expense of political principles, political ideology or stated objectives hence I remain a radical fighter for economic freedom in our lifetime. 

Who has been your inspiration?

I have answered part of this question in my earlier statement however for the sake of clarity; it is common knowledge that we draw some inspiration from our fellow fighters of economic freedom in RSA, the EFF under the inspirational leader the Commander in Chief Julius Malema.

Having said that I also draw inspiration from the great sons and daughters of this continent who fought for political independence of our continent- although there is a long way to go on that, I believe the economic freedom has never been attained and for this reason it is a generation duty for me and others to fight for economic freedom in our lifetime.

Zim voters are 80% in rural areas?

We also have a good number of people in our strong-hold Binga, which is a rural constituency. This makes us part of the rule constituency you are mentioning.

But I have problems with the accuracy of this statistics; anyway we are engaged with the communities across the length and breadth of our country.

We do not hold huge rallies and promises heaven on earth, we talk to the real people in their homes, village beer gardens, we talk to goat and cattle herders, to women fetching firewood in the village neighbourhood and soon we will rule out a unique programme to reach out our people in the rural areas , because these people in the rural areas need to be empowered and I believe the nation is empowered when ordinary people are empowered.

Do you have exposure in governance?

I have had the privilege to live and work in Zimbabwe in the past, I have had a privilege to live and work in the UK – I am a professional working in the social care sector in the UK and I am a businessman, the skills and practicalities of government are not solely judged on the basis of past experience of working in a government position in Zimbabwe, it is about having the right vision, the right policies and having the right political courage and will to implement radical transformation.

I believe I have all these attributes and I am self propelled inspired by the desire to see change of economic freedom in our lifetime.

Why should Zimbabwe choose you?

We have heard many administrators within our government who have failed to live up to expectations. It might be a challenge of their manifestoes or personalities as such likewise I am offering myself to be given a chance to help develop and further democratise our country.

I thank the roles and efforts of our founding fathers who liberated us from colonisation and also the forces of Democracy which were led by the late Morgan Tsvangirai, but it is time the button is passed on to a generation so we enhance and fulfil their efforts.

If you are to look at our party we offer a different vision of change which other parties do not offer. My vision and focus is on radical economic transformation of the economy.

This could be done by addressing and revamping our infrastructure, carrying out a national auditing of sovereign wealth, radically fighting corruption, rebuilding our healthcare system and restoration of the dignity of our people.

I bring real change. Others talk about change for the sake of it yet they have been there for many years and have never implemented changes to anything to better the lives our people.

I represent new change, I offer new direction and I offer radical economic transformation in our lifetime.




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