By Rachael Zivengwa

Some unscrupulous workers at Wingate Dumping Site are harvesting rotting beef and chicken, which they sell to unsuspecting residents of Hatcliffe.

Apparently the meat is dipped in vinegar to give it a fresh look and kill the smell of rotting before it is sold.

Some Hatcliffe residents are now complaining of severe stomach pains after unknowingly buying and cooking the rotten chicken coming from the Wingate Dumping site, which they buy at Muzinda Shopping centre.

“The Dhambara workers are selling rotten chicken for us and we are now afraid of buying chicken since we have suffered a lot from stomach pains because of this,” said one young lady who identified herself as Paida.

A number of residents confirmed that the workers from the Wingate Dumping site, which they call “Dhambara” in street lingo, are selling beef and chicken which they found in a state of decay but apply vinegar to the meat for it to appear fresh.

Most people unfortunately only find out that the meat is bad after purchase, hence some are now complaining this is happening on daily basis.

One Dhambara worker who called himself Nyado said: “People need not complain since some buy the meat knowingly because we sell at cheap prices so that it can quickly finish.

“But we come with fresh meat, so all the stories of it being rotten are lies.”

The Harare City Council has banned the sale of meat and meat products in the streets in a bid to control the outbreak of diseases. Due to the outbreak of stomach problems the council banned people from going to the Wingate Dumping Site..

However, some are still going, playing a cat and mouse game with the guards at the dumping site.


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