Man duped to pay rent for girlfriend staying with another man

YOU lied to me!

For three months Jojo Tabengwa thought his girlfriend Samkeliso Dube was staying with her parents yet she had already moved in with another man.

He paid rent for the family but was not allowed to visit. Things became suspicious for Tabengwa because Dube would always switch off her phone when she got home. When the lie was finally exposed she was indifferent with no apology whatsoever. Instead she sought a protection order from the courts.

“I am the complainant in this matter and the respondent Jojo Tabengwa is my ex-boyfriend. We broke up but he keeps stalking and harassing me. He comes to my house at night and unannounced to harass me and my current boyfriend. I have made it clear to him that I no longer have any interest in him and that I have moved on with my life but he keeps on pestering me. My life is no longer at peace because of him. His pestering is hindering progress in my life,” complained Dube at the Bulawayo Civil Court.

She insisted that Jojo threatened to make her life difficult.

She also left the court in stitches when she repeatedly and passionately pleaded with Jojo to leave her alone saying she was no longer interested in him.

In response Jojo broke down as he narrated the nasty discovery that ripped his happiness apart.

“I have been good to this woman. I deny all the allegations she has levelled against me. It is not true that I am stalking her. What happened is that when we started dating she lied to me that she stays with her parents.

“For the past three months we have been dating she didn’t allow me to visit her place despite the fact that I was the one who was paying her rentals amounting to $380 per month.

“Every time I wanted to visit her, she would lie that her mother was around. At night she would also switch off her phone. One day out of suspicion I went to her place and that is when I discovered that she had been cheating on me as she was staying with another man.

“When I confronted that man he openly told me that they started staying together three months ago of which I was the one who had been paying their rent,” said a heartbroken Jojo.

Jojo’s woes apparently mounted when the presiding magistrate Rachael Mukanga, ordered him not to visit his ex-girlfriend’s place and not to abuse or harass her in any way.


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