Makandiwa’s Advice On Who To Vote For In 2018 Elections

United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has called on Zimbabweans to exercise discretion in the selection of their political representatives.

Speaking to congregants in a continuation of last week’s Mother’s Day message in which he called on children to reconcile with their parents in order to receive parental blessings, Prophet Makandiwa told the packed City Sports Centre to consider how a candidate looks after his/her own parents before they can vote for them.

“Tisati takuvhotera, handei kumusha tinoona pari kugara vabereki vako. Because if you cannot take care of those two very important people, what about a whole constituency?”, he said, to thunderous applause.

“In fact, it should be your parents that should second you to serve the constituency after seeing what you are doing for them”, he continued.

Thousands of congregants had brought their parents to church to reconcile with them after last week’s Mother’s Day teaching by the charismatic preacher.

“If you cause your biological parents to curse you, there is nothing any man of God under the sun can do to remove that curse. There is a parental blessing that can only come from your parents, without which you cannot prosper,” he said.

“So, if you are not in good books with your parents, go and ask for their forgiveness and only then will I pray for your blessing.”

Many then went a step further and brought their parents to church on Sunday to publicly ask for forgiveness. An emotional atmosphere engulfed the service on Sunday as mother and son, mother and daughter could be seen embracing and weeping in the spirit of reconciliation.

Of note was one family of more than 25 that hired a mini-coach to the service so that they could publicly reconcile.

In demonstration, Prophet Makandiwa knelt before the elderly women in the group and said: “As a son, I should never find it difficult to kneel before my mothers here, like I am doing now and ask for forgiveness for the wrongs I did against them.”

The children, sons and daughters-in-law then followed suit and there was a very touching moment as they began hugging each other in reconciliation.

Some confessed publicly about having beaten up their parents or having cursed them but there was immeasurable joy at the end as families went back home after the service to begin life on a new page. – Herald


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