Mai TT gets house, car for birthday

COMEDIENNE and musician, Felistas “Mai TT” Murata, has revealed she was beginning to have second thoughts about her marriage to Tinashe Maphosa.
However, all that has changed after she received a house and a car as birthday presents from her husband.
Mai TT told H-Metro the gifts from Tinashe came at a time when she was having second thoughts about her marriage
“God is faithful,” said Mai TT.
“My husband had been quiet and not contributing anything for my birthday party.
“I used every dollar I had for my party because to me I took it like it was my last day on earth.
“Tinashe expressed unwillingness in helping me, even to buy material for the roofing of my 16-roomed house.
“I decided to stop communicating with him and had thought of quitting the marriage.
“Tinashe has been communicating with my parents behind my back while I was begging for help.
“He told them about the five-roomed house and a car he bought for me as birthday presents.
“He has restored my faith, my strength and hope.
“God has given me Tinashe, he is my number one gift and I thank him for these gifts,” she said.
Mai TT hit out at those who have been suggesting she has been faking her lifestyle.
“My success is from God and those trying to compete with me are just wasting their time since they are supposed to compete with themselves.
“Background matters most and, as for me, my parents intercede for me and I was born in a Christian background as an intercessor.
“I cannot fake receiving money or gifts from people. “Vanorwadziwa nehupenyu hwangu vachangoramba vachidaro kusvika Ishe achidzoka asi kunamata
Mwari nekutenda nezvaarikundiitira ndizvo
“My marriage remains a thorn in some people’s flesh and that leads some to cook up fake stories.
“I gain strength from my weaknesses and my marriage to Tinashe has disturbed a number of people and I believe God has remembered me and my parents in this marriage.
“It’s real and those spreading falsehoods will not tire and I have no personal vendetta with them.
“God is faithful, he loves us all and has time and
good plans for each one of us if we do not lose faith in him,” said Mai TT.
Mai TT celebrated her birthday at a venue along Carrigh Creek Road in Greystone Park on Saturday.
Mathias Mhere, Baba Harare, Afro Fusion and Brian K provided entertainment. _*HMetro*_


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