Lucky to be alive!

A Harare man nearly died yesterday after being pushed from a third floor building by a Notorious Avenues Thigh Vendor.The victim Passmore Marufu was pushed from the third floor by one Abigail Chingwaru,a 28 year old hooker known to her peers in the Avenues as Doshto.
According to sources Abigail commited the heinous act after Marufu failed to pay an extra $2 for the services he had received.
“We heard a scuffle at around 6am and later the noise faded and we thought that mdara auraiwa because these ladies are merciless and many men are being extorted daily,” said one of the residents.
Doshto got her name for being a serial thief and robbing her clients.
“Wese murume anopinda mumba maDoshto it’s either he leaves penniless or bleeding and she wins her cases all the time,” said one of the self-confessed hookers who plies her trade along Third Street.
In her defence,Abigail claims Marufu wanted to end his life after he failed to raise $2 for the “chekuseni” session he had received.
“Handisirini ndamusandudzira azvikanda ega achidakutiza kubhadhara mari yemusikana wandinogara naye waakecha akamuchaja $2 ndokubva azomuwedzera imwe $2 dollars akaishaya,” said Doshto.
Doshto has since been arrested and is currently detained at Harare Central Police.


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