Linda Masarira speaks on MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s wife

MDC-T National Spokesperson Linda Masarira has defended MDC leader’s wife Nelson Chamisa from social media critics who are mocking her of being ‘old and ugly’.

Social media critics commenting on images from the MDC gala dinner held on Friday last week had no kind words for Mrs Chamisa and described her as either ‘dirty, unbathed, old or ugly’.

Linda Masarira

Said Linda, “I think Zimbabweans have totally lost it. It’s just totally unacceptable to abuse or insult anyone by her looks. What is wrong with us? Why do we pride ourselves which such toxicity and vile language to another sister?

“Leave Mrs Chamisa to be herself. Enough of this life monitoring, hate speech, insults and being life prefects to other people. We have better issues to discuss as a people than to spend time judging peoples looks. I stand with Mrs Chamisa, leave her alone and stop insulting her and how she prefers to dress herself.”

Linda Masarira has carved her identity as a gender activist who leaves no stone unturned in defense of women’s right and dignity. Earlier this year she criticised MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa for promising to give his Zanu-PF rival Emmerson Mnangagwa his sister if he manages to get 5% of votes in the recently held elections.

Masarira said Chamisa’s comment showed that he had no regard for women in the country.

“It shows that he has no regard for women in this country. And you can compare it with the way he has treated women in his own party, the way he treated Madam Thokozani Khupe. It really shows that he has no regard whatsoever for women because you cannot trade your own sister for political mileage. Even if he wants to call it a joke, you cannot joke about such sensitive issues in this day and age.” Linda said.


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