‘Life in Zimbabwe is now worse Under Mnangagwa, than under late former President Robert Mugabe’

An opinion in the Daily News has opined that the president has failed dismally to lead the country to a better future after he took over from the late president Mugabe in 2017. The editor detailed most of Zimbabwe’s major problems in the article and said:

  • We have a government which has lost its moral compass and focus. We have a government that has abdicated its responsibility to purse social development.
  • Over 90 percent of Zimbabweans are wallowing in abject poverty in the so-called second republic under Emmerson Mnangagwa.
  • After almost two years in power, Mnangagwa’s administration has failed miserably.
  • Zimbabweans are worse off than they were under the tin-pot dictatorship of the late Robert Mugabe. Prices of goods and services are well beyond the reach of many.
  • On the human rights score, Mnangagwa’s administration has become a joke. In August 2018, the military killed six civilians after protests in the capital on perceived delay in announcement of harmonised elections results. In January this year, at least 12 civilians died during protests against a sharp rise in fuel prices. Despite a commission of inquiry being set up and recommending punishment for the perpetrators of the first killings, not even a single soldier has been tried for the heinous crime. Over 50 people have been abducted since January and the abductors have not been accounted for.
  • Rallies by the MDC, the largest official opposition party in the country, have been banned on contrived flimsy allegations that they would turn violent

The article concludes by saying that the UN report that Special Rapporteur Mr C Voule will present to the UN in 2020 will be damning and President Mnangangwa has failed dismally.


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