Liberation war fighters were messengers of God, says Prophet Isaiah Chipara

By Kudzai Jakachira

Harare Popular- Self-styled Harare prophet and leader of the Apostolic Faith Church Ministry, Prophet Isaiah Chipara says heroes and heroines who fought to attain independence for this country were messengers of God aptly called ‘war angels’, working-in-hand with angels sent from heaven.

Addressing thousands of congregates during a special Heroes and and Defence Forces day church service in Helensvale in Harare, the clergy man encouraged fellow church goers to respect the gallant sons and daughters who went through torrid times and lost lives to attain democracy and free governance in the country.

“These freedom fighters, who were annointed with the holy spirit to fight the enemy, should not be classified as ordinary fighters hence they must be respected in the Christian Society,” Prophet Chipara said.

“When a disaster occurs, Jehovah sends angels to save his people, and when we say angels, we mean ‘angels’ filled with the holy spirit, liberation struggle heroes and heroines.

“Our grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters, were dwelling together withnthese beries, with the angels, in spirit, so as to achieve freedom,” said a spirited Chipara.

The prophet said those heroes and heroines we commemorate today, were part of the team of angels sent by God to deliver Zimbabwe from wickedness and disaster.

The special Heroes and Defence Defence Forces church service was held at the Apostolic Faith Church in Helensvale, Harare, and saw thousands attending from different parts of the country.

Hundreds from outside the country were also in attendance.

The prominent prophet urged Christians to honour the Heroes and Defences Forces holidays as a sign of respect to the late heroes who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country.

Several miracles were performed, which saw many being healed of different diseases by the prophet.

Prophet Isaiah Chipara is well known for performing miracles, and healing people of several diseases which include hypertension, blood pressure, sugar diabetes, epilepsy, heart problems, cancer, among others.

The miracule man also heals the mentally- challenged, the barren to bear fruit, the deaf to hear and the blind to see.

Prophet Isaiah can be contacted on 0776612743/0785398519


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