By Thomas Faranando 

National Environment Awareness Trust urges people to plant trees in their campaign dubbed “My tree,  my Life”, which aims at encouraging people to literally go green and support the environment. 

The campaign will take-ff on the national tree planting will this Saturday 5 December.

In a interview with this publication co-founder of NEAT, Timothy Chizuzu said they are looking forward to see political leaders, youths and the community at large joining them in the tree-planting campaign this Saturday.

Chizuzu said if people plant more trees this would ensure environmental conservation.

“NEAT is committed to advocate, teach and lead in the National Tree Planting Day commemoration campaign.” Chizuzu said.

“I would like to urge people to demonstrate environmental stewardship, as well as ensuring that their local areas are reforested, while the natural forests are conserved.

“There is need to protect, manage and utilise forests for our survival. Sustainable management of our forests starts by protecting the already existing forests and woodlands,” he said.

The tree of the year is Muuyu (Baobab), also known as African Baobab in English, Umkhomo in Ndebele and Mubuyu in Tonga. The tree was chosen as the Ambassador tree for 2020 for its multi-purpose use.

Its bark makes excellent ropes, bags, hats and floor mats and produces a semi-fluid gum used to treat sores.

The tender leaves can be used as relish and can be dried and stored as mufushwa. The flowers can be eaten raw or used to flavour drinks, among other uses.

Chizuzu called for the need to reduce the impact of climate change through planting of trees, given that drought and high temperatures were dominating across the world.


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