Kadoma filmmakers to release short film

By Karen Chikowore

KADOMA based filmmakers Thomas Faranando and Petros Machovo, have co-produced a short film, Gaba Rangu, which set to be released soon.

The film amplifies voices in the fight against gender-based violence amongst adolescents, as well as touching on youth health issues in communities.

In an interview with this publication,  Faranando  said the film, featuring three actors – Tanyaradzwa Maereka (as Fadzai), Talent Nevanji (as George) and Petros Machovo (playing uncle Thom) – was inspired by  adolescents’ experiencing conflicting feelings, crises, uncertainties, and insecurities,  but with not much being said.

“It is against this background that we thought of amplifying voices on youths’ health issues by producing Gaba Rangu,” said Faranando.

“The film looks at a period in which adolescents develop stronger bonds with family, school members and social groups. The discovery of the capacity to reproduce encourages the adolescent to develop their own identity and to question values and ideologies.”

Gaba Rangu will be available on different social media platforms for download soon.

The film was written and directed by Faranando, who co-produced it with Machovo.

Faranando described Gaba Rangu as a very informative movie to young people as well as adults.

Faranando also recently launched a book titled Chirorodziva – pool of the fallen.

Machovo said health education is one of the most important components in nursing care because it can help develop individual and collective cultural and educational practices to ensure adolescents the right to experience sexuality in a comprehensive, healthy, and responsible manner.

“Education emerges as an important ally for both the family and the adolescent by providing accurate information, advice, and the exchange of opinions,” he said.

He said that communication through film was a very effective way of reaching out to adolescents as the audience was already available.

Furthermore, the use of film as a communication tool makes the recipients not only to understand better but also to enjoy watching to the key messages.


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