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BY Glenda Anesu Garawiro

Kadoma-based community media house K-Connet, will soon launch a  campaign to raise US$1 000 to finance the production of two short films titled ‘Too Late and Gaba Rangu‘, as part of efforts to empower youths and create an enabling environment for young people.

Walter Chipadza, spokesperson for K-Connet, said the production of the two films is set to commence this December, with the shooting scheduled for Kadoma.

“We are also creating an international platform for people to donate towards the cause. Any contribution to that amount is welcome.”

The campaign, will be done through Arty Mall, a digital marketing platform.

Chipadza, who is the programme’s creative producer, described how the two films’ plight speak to challenges that affect young people during adolescence due to the absence of information around their sexuality.

The producer of the two films, Lindah Yeukai Chisamba, chipped in and said: “Culture has changed. The aunties who were there to provide advice do not do that anymore. Traditional structures are no longer there and yet we don’t have new structures replacing the decaying old structures. It’s a big problem, so these short films are coming to fill that gap.”

The production house also said they will conduct training in schools, colleges and community centers to equip youths with skills and knowledge on filmmaking.

“Now, we are going further to produce these short films written by Thomas Faranando, and we have perfect team for the project such as Nashe Mandaza, Susan Tembo, Martin Taderera and others,” she said.

“The films are dealing with health and gender issues, so we will engage  Sanyati District Aids Council. Working with the district Aids co-ordinator, V. Tausa will help us come out with correct information on health and gender issues in Zimbabwe,” said Chisamba.

“Tausa is a hardworking woman who believes in changing mindset of our communities on issues to do with health and gender,” she said.

TOP PIC: There are many challenges that affect young people during adolescence due to the absence of information around their sexuality


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