Joyful Praise Choir shines

THEY might have been performing and releasing DVDs for the past five years, but Gweru based Joyful Praise Choir rocks.

The 40-member Interdenominational choir has what it takes to be a force to reckon with among other Zimbabwean gospel choirs and their latest DVD entitled Jesus Saves, is proof to that.

Founded in 2013 by Pastor Gamaliel Blessing Madindi, Joyful Praise Choir believes that there is no segregation among the group.

Joyful Praise’s Public Relations Officer and Spokesperson, Pastor Rudo Tania Madindi said, they are destined for greater heights.

“We are an interdenominational and tolerance of Christians only. There isn’t segregation, stereotyping and stigmatisation of women or even men, one is elevated by their abilities in the choir.

“We are soon to open for young stars ranging from 11 years and below,” said Madindi

The choir spokesperson aid Joyful Praise was formed in December 2013.

“We are 40 plus band members and there are part time and full time musicians in the choir hence many have left due to responsibilities.

“Their departure has also opened space for more new members to join in,” said Madindi

According to Madindi, the group has made some strides along their journey.

“We have made numerous achievements since we started and we have done shows, concerts and DVDs.

“In 2014, we recorded our very first audio CD that carried seven songs entitled Zvangu Zvaita in Harare before we moved on to do our first Valentine’s Show which had an amazing turn out.

“We did a charity show in 2015 at Mkoba AFM worship centre church where all the funding and handy staff including clothes were offered to the needy.

“In 2016 we held our very first DVD that was a successful after trying for 3 years to do a successful live DVD recording,” said Madindi.

Added Madindi:

“We also hosted a praise and worship convention where the show where the show had a free admission since this we had an aim to establish professional and well trained Praise and Worship teams in church.

“In 2017 we had the same Convention but this time it was bigger and better, then turn up was hilarious.

“ We then spent the whole of 2017 selling our 2016 DVD and giving out free songs, singing at events churches and all these other gospel places.”

Despite facing setbacks due to lack of financial support, Joyful Praise has managed to pull it.

Rudo and husband Pastor Gamaliel Blessing Madindi

“We have mainly faced financial challenges and this has laid us back a lot as we seek for sponsorship everywhere but to no avail. Probably God is teaching us patience before opening up a financial breakthrough for us sooner.

“This 2018 we pulled an amazing live DVD Recording called Jesus Saves, the most beautiful DVD Being talked about at the moment.

“So now our dvd is out and we are in a bid to make noise with it. Both the audio and video are out,” she said.

Joyful Praise is inspired by the character of Executive President, the owner of the group Madindi.

“In the same regard, we started off as a choir, and Pastor Madindi is a jovial man, he is not only a music director, he is an entrepreneur very business minded, he is also a Pastor amongst many other professions he can conduct, hence the name Joyfull Praise Choir,” said Rudo.


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