Jim Kunaka roasts Commissioner Manyeruke at hearing

FORMER ZANU-PF Youth League member Jim Kunaka has implicated Commissioner Charity Manyeruke in past incidents of political violence in Zimbabwe, telling the Commission of Inquiry point blank that he was not going to entertain questions from “this woman”.

Jim Kunaka, who even refused to drink the water saying he did not trust it, claimed Commissioner Manyeruke used to attend Zanu PF meetings where they plotted violence against MDC members together. He said he will not respond to questions when his ‘commander’ Manyeruke is sitting on the panel.

Jim Kunaka was subpoenaed to appear before the Commission after witnesses who appeared in the past implicated him as one of the instigators of the August 1 post-election violence that left six civilians dead.

Earlier on, Kunaka took issue with the letter that summoned him, which he said wrongly referred to him as an MDC member.

“I am not a member of the MDC. I am a deputy political commissar for the National Patriotic Front. Next time look for me at my house where l stay,” Kunaka told the Commissioners.

Kunaka proceeded to say he was baffled to see Commissioner Charity Manyeruke seated on the panel.

“She is one of the architects of violence in ZanuPF,” Kunaka, the former leader of violent ZANU-PF paramilitary group Chipangano, said with a straight face.

“We used to sit down together with Manyeruke in ZANU-PF and we planned how to deal with the MDC.

“Once I became the ZanuPF Youth League Harare chairman, I declared that ZanuPF was going to get a seat in Harare and it happened, but we used violence,” Kunaka said.

He weny on: “When Morgan Tsvangirai was beaten up at Highfield police station in 2007, he was not beaten up by police, but by Zanu PF youths dressed in police uniform. People are coached. and told what to say in ZANU-PF.

“Zanu PF realized that they lost the election and sat down to plan to cause violence in town.”

Kunaka also said there was no way the police who were disarmed by the army during the 2017 November coup would investigate the same army; therefore his conclusion is that soldiers killed the people on 1 August.

Kunaka also refused to drink water, saying he could not trust it!

Kunaka said the only political party with a military wing is Zanu PF who have a militia, saying ZANUPF uses the militia who were trained at Border Gezi camps to perpetrate violence.

“I will not answer questions from Manyeruke as she was was my commander,” Kunaka said.

However, Charity Manyeruke has distanced herself from what she called “bald unsubstantiated” accusations by Jim Kunaka, saying she had never sat down with Kunaka. She also said she will issue a statement making her position clear.

Commissioner Manyeruke said: “Chairman, mine is not a question. Let me set the record straight. I’ve never sat in any meeting with Jim Kunaka.”

Kunaka retorted: “Manyeruke is dirty. I don’t want to answer any question from this woman.”

However, while social media has been set ablaze by some “remarkable truth-telling by Jim Kunaka about the violence he perpetrated while in ZANU PF and how they used to infiltrate demos to cause violence”, some observers have warned that the apparent hatred of Manyeruke by Kunaka would lower the credibility of Kunaka’s testimony.

Popular Twitter character Matigari has warned that while testimonials such as those of Jim Kunaka and Japajapa may excite opposition followers, these witnesses were wasting a good chance by playing to the gallery instead of focusing on absolving their comrades of violence allegations.

“Lawyers understand that while folks are getting excited about the talk from Japajapa & current talk by Jim Kunaka, both men are wasting time talking about history, speculation & hearsay. They need to focus on giving evidence to the commission on the issue at hand. What a waste!” he said.


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