Jarawa: the Isolated Asian Tribe of the Modern World Since 55,000 Years

Locatedonthe Andaman Islands in India, the Jarawa tribe, which has only a few hundred inhabitants, has remained isolated from the modern world for more than 55,000 years. Poachers arrived on the island soiled them with modern objects and upset their old way of life.

The Jarawa, the people of the earth, live off the land. Originally from Africa, they have traditions that date back to the beginning of humanity. Although some modern devices, such as flashlights, have been left by poachers or have been offered to them, they use the land and debris to make everything they need.

Jarawa: the isolated Asian tribe of the modern world since 55,000 years (photos)

They are so attached to their way of life that they are hostile to foreigners. Tribesmen use violence to prevent intruders, if necessary. They are against any kind of help.

The intrusion of poachers

The Jarawa have a distinct language and have little or no contact with the outside world for millennia. In recent decades, poachers have landed on the island to hunt wild boars. This has not only had an impact on their way of life but they have also seen their food resources dwindled.

Jarawa: the isolated Asian tribe of the modern world since 55,000 years (photos)

If nothing is done to stop the poachers, the Jarawa could cease to exist. They depend on the land and its natural resources to survive and thrive, as they have done for tens of thousands of years. The modern man taking what he wants on the island could change or decimate his existence forever.

The future of the Jarawa

If the Indian government does not intervene, the experts say that their tribe will disappear in the next ten years. Roads that cross their territory have been built, a development that disrupts their way of life and allows more people to reach the island.

Jarawa: the isolated Asian tribe of the modern world since 55,000 years (photos)

So far, they have refused any form of assistance and have reacted in a hostile manner towards foreigners. They have survived natural disasters, sickness and tragedy in their lifetime, but can they survive modern man? Only time will tell.


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