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In 2030 I’ll Still Be There Monitoring Govt Programmes: ED

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he will still be around in 2030 playing a key role of monitoring the country’s efforts in ensuring the rights of women and girls are protected.

“In 2030 I will still be there and I will be there observing if we have achived our goals or not,” said Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe’s Constitution adopted at a referendum in 2013, has strict two term limits.

The President was addresing supporters and United National Population Fund (UNFPA) officials at this year’s celebrations to mark World Population Day just outside Harare yesterday.

He said Zimbabwe will continue to build on recent achievements to success in the protection of vulnerable groups.

“To date our country has managed to reduce new infections and AIDS related deaths by 50% since 2010. We therefore continue working together for the attainment of global goal of zero tolerance to new infections by 2030.

“Furthermore, as government we will build on the foundation of recent achievements to ensure the motto ‘Zero maternal deaths, zero violence against women and girls becomes a reality for everyone,” Mnangagwa said.

The commemorations coincided with the official opening of Tariro Clinic in the run-down settlement of Hopley on the southern fringes of the capital.

The clinic comes with a community centre built with assistance from the International Labour Organisation, UNFPA and local cement manufacturer Lafarge Cement.

Since taking power in 2017 on the back of a military coup, Mnangagwa has projected himself as a reformer and nation builder anchoring his administration after last year’s elections in a policy known as the Transition Stabilisation Programme aimed at growing the country’s economy into middle income by 2030.


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