Former cabinet minister and Zanu PF politician Patrick Chinamasa has scoffed at reports that he died due to Covid-19 complications. Chinamasa said that he is getting tired of being killed and resurrected and claimed that he was said to have died three times in the last week alone.

This comes after some local publications and social media personalities claimed that the former finance minister had died from Covid-19.

To dispel the reports that he had died, Chinamasa was interviewed on national broadcaster ZBC during the main news bulletin on Saturday. Chinamasa was interviewed over the phone by long-serving ZBC News chief correspondent Reuben Barwe. Interestingly, Barwe was also reported to have died by some sections of social media.

During the interview, Barwe is donning two masks: a surgical mask and an N95 mask. Barwe starts by confirming the date of the interview and jokingly says that the interview is a case of “two dead men talking.”

During the brief interview, Chinamasa said: “I am well but as you may know, I am a bit tired and exhausted from being killed all through the social media.

” …What is sad is that our journalist ethics have gone to the dogs.
I am happy that you are communicating that it is very evil to spread false, fake news, especially about people’s supposed deaths. I know they wish us dead.”

In fact, he (Chinamasa) died three times and resurrected three times. Thanks be to God.

Reporting on someone’s death should not be done lightly. Crosscheck, verify and verify again until fully confirmed. You address families and it is is quite unfair. But it seems even established media houses who have forgotten the need to be sensitive to families
— Nick Mangwana (@nickmangwana) January 23, 2021

Former Energy Minister retired Major-General Mike Nyambuya was also erroneously reported to have died due to Covid-19 complications after some publications ran the story.

This prompted the family and parliament to issue a statement saying the retired General was alive and well.


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