‘I spent R130,000 on prostitutes,’ How Joburg man blew R1 million Road Accident Funds

Jomo was involved in a car accident and received an R1 million from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) as an insurance payout.

He did not take long to squander all of it on prostitutes and alcohol.

Mzansi Magic sat down with Jomo, his friend Nanathi and Jomo’s sister.

Nanathi revealed how his friend Jomo received his payout:

After he came out of the hospital, the lawyers came to see him. They told him to put a claim to the Road Accident Fund. He said they came to his workplace. He was not even thinking of putting a claim, his lawyers approached him because he didn’t want the money.

Jomo said:

They called me on Monday to come to court. It took four days or then to come to an agreement and they reached for a settlement of R1 million.

I and Nanathi went to a club, bought a bottle of whiskey and sat in the VIP section. We bought all the expensive alcohol you could think of.

Nanathi went on:

I realised that money had power from the women we started hanging around with. Jomo wasn’t a big hit with ladies before he got money. He would hit women that are not his type. After he got money he was impressive. He would go to buy expensive footwear.  He spent R130,000 on prostitutes and girls in the township. I think he spent it in six to eight months. After eight months I noticed a change.

Jomo continued:

I changed a place to stay and got an apartment for R6,800 with a girl I was dating. She was quite happy. She asked for a TV and I went to the market. I bought a TV for R9,800 and a sound system for R11,200. When I went to the bank no one offered me advice because they know I was a big spender.  They knew they would definitely get money for lunch. One of the employees would assist me at the ATM. The ladies from the bank knew me very well and they called me Gabadiya. I don’t know where they got that name, even in town they called me with the same name. There was one brothel that was my playground. I  would rent Lebo’s services for the night and she would come back the following morning. Management started complaining that I favoured Lebo and gave her more money than them. I did not tell anyone that I was broke. They just saw that my lifestyle had changed. I started dressing down and eating food from the township. I was sad that my money was eventually running out. It true that I don’t have money anymore. Why must they make noise about it?


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