I saw light in Zim, I saw another GNU and fuel prices will go down: Prophet reveals what God showed him

Zimbabwe might soon have another Government of national Unity that will see the country retracing back to its former glory days when it was the bread basket of Africa, a prominent Prophet has foretold.

Prophet Isaiah Brian Sovi of Imperial City Church on Wednesday said when he was praying for the country amidst the violent protests and state brutality God showed him Zimbabwe rising again.

“Praying for Zimbabwe I saw light,” Sovi said. “Fuel prices will go down and economy will boom again. Zimbabwe will be the jewel of Africa. I saw a Unity Government. I saw South Africans moving to Zimbabwe. Write it down.”

Prophet Sovi is not new to controversial prophets that come to pass. He has previously prophesied the death of pop stars, bombing in countries like Kenya and in known for supernatural miracles that he performs.

He is credited for resurrections and commanding demons and charms to appear physical.

Recently he was cleared by the President’s office in Botswana to come and conduct church, business and philanthropy after he was unceremoniously banned from the country in 2017 at the instigation of some pastors.

Sovi’s prophecy comes barely a year after another man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri said God showed him a vision of Zimbabwe prospering.

In the prophecy, the Bushiri said, “The sleeping giant is going to rise. You have not seen what God is about to do in Zimbabwe. I am seeing a new city which is like Dubai, I am seeing a new city. I had a vision. It will look like Dubai and God said to me I am about to bless this land.

“Raise your hands and pray for the nation of Zimbabwe. I will bless Zimbabwe, says the Lord. God will rise in His power and bless the people of Zimbabwe. They will not cry anymore. I see the land which will take away the shame of Africa. Zimbabwe is about to be blessed. God is restoring Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a unique sleeping giant. It’s not the first time that I have said this. God has remembered the apple of his eye and the country is now sitting on the foot of prosperity.”


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