Hookers make a killing from truck drivers at Beitbridge border post

Several self-confessed hookers are cashing in on truck drivers who will be queuing to enter the Beitbridge Border Post.

Truckers are taking up to two weeks before they proceed with their journey due to strict monitoring of Covid-19 PCR certificates to confirm if they have been tested for Covid-19.

However, the hookers have taken advantage of the situation where they will be milling around the truckers in queues.

H-Metro made a survey during the day and night to establish the activities.

“They will be all over here walking along the trucks looking for potential clients.

“Some will be in the guise of selling some food or wares as they will also be trying to hook up.

“With these long queues imagine for more than 10 kilometers, they will not miss,” said Changamire, a herbal vendor.

The women will also be cooking for the drivers.

“You know cooking is a challenge with these drivers, so they normally hire these women to cook for them and sometimes wash their clothes.

“So by virtue of that they end up hooking up,” said one Mike.

A truck driver said the life of driving was not easy.

“You know driving is a challenge when the border is delaying like this.

“You can’t be perfect at times and the temptation is high since these women can approach us and if they see that you have some interest that’s when the whole issue begins.

“Imagine spending weeks at border, it’s a bit tricky.”

A regular hooker said, it’s a way of living and as long they are not stealing from anyone it’s not a crime.

“It’s known everywhere that one has to pay for the services rendered.

“We are here for business but we agree first.

“Some of the services can be cooking but we can end up agreeing to se_xual services again.

“So kubatsirana from both angles.”

While another said se_x can be done anywhere as long as they are not seen.

“As long we are not seen, we can do it anywhere, even under the tree, or in trucks or at our lodgings.

“We want money and they want services.”

Another lady of the night added:

“Charges depend on the client but normally R300 for the whole night, but there is room for negotiations.

“R100 can cover for a short moment while services like washing and cooking also depend on what you agree,” she said.

Bars will be opened till late hours.


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