Hookers Loot Farmers Cash at Auction Floors

Aggrieved tobacco farmers have cried foul over being stripped off their hard-earned cash by ruthless ladies of the night.

Many of the farmers have fallen prey to their thieving ways after seeking cheaper forms of accommodation from these women who are also dabbling in renting out rooms.

“These women come here and offer us accommodation then steal from us,” one farmer said.

The farmers are often stranded at the tobacco floors whilst waiting for their paychecks as a result they have to seek accommodation or face sleeping on the weather-beaten streets or in toilets.

Never Muronda (37), one farmer from Karoi said he has been in Harare for the past one week waiting for his voucher.

“There are no shades to protect us from the rains, hence, at times we sleep in the toilets which is not a good thing to our health,” Muronda said.

He claimed most of them did not have relatives nearby to offer them accommodation.

Another farmer, Boaz Chigwida (67) said he has been in the queue for the past two days and he is sleeping in his car.

“I find it better to sleep in my lorry so that I can protect my tobacco from thieves at night.

“They are serving us slowly which is the source of all problems that we are facing, at least they should consider all the hardships we face.

“They must consider fast services for us as well as increase the number of toilets and building shades,” Chigwida said.

Isiah Hlabano from Concession said he was sleeping at Boka Auction Floors but it cannot accommodate all of the farmers.

“Some have brought their children with them and it’s not safe as they have don’t enough blankets for them.

“We are scared for our health, there is lot of dust and they haven’t taken any steps to improve their services,” Hlabano lamented


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