Honde Valley can be the Switzerland of Africa, says Alois Bunjira!

Honde Valley has the potential to become the Switzerland of Africa, yesteryear renowned footballer Alois Bunjira has said.

“I am hoping that in this near future, we will start seeing massive development in my beloved Honde Valley,” Bunjira said.

“Honde Valley is a place with the potential to be the Switzerland and Austria of Africa, folded in one. My Honde Valley dream lives on, as I hope to see Harare, Bulawayo and other Cities taking off in massive developments. I am told Harare used to be nicer than Pretoria.

Honde Valley boasts the Mtarazi Falls, one of the steepest falls in Africa. Water falls from a very tall mountain through a very steep scarp into the very deep Honde Valley in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

It is scenic and per-adventurous to view the water falling looking like a thin veil falling in a style. The Falls are in rural area which was maintained in its naturalness. Although it attracts so many tourists, the roads are feudal, winding with steep ascends.

Officially not part of the Highlands, since it is a low-lying valley, this place is simply amazing because of its fertile soil.

Bunjira belied the rot that has befallen Harare and other major cities in Zimbabwe, crying out development has to take place.

He compared the massive development taking place in Mozambique, where cranes adorn the skies in every direction.

“There are high rise flyover bridges under construction in Maputo which should be complete by now. Harare CBD is nowhere near Maputo CBD and they are busy developing it further. And then they have the beaches and all, in that City, something  we will never have in Harare.

“I started rewinding back to the days we used to look down upon Mozambicans. I was humbly alerted to the fact that it is now Zimbabweans moving across to Maputo to work and sell wares,” he said.

“I wonder what Mozambicans say when they see Zimbabweans. I hope they don’t know we used to call them funny names back in the day I won’t deny the fact that at one time we were better than Moza as far as infrastructure is concerned.

“But right now we are way behind. They caught up and left us behind. And from the way I see it, they continue opening the gap, because in Harare we are actually going backwards. As much as I wouldn’t have wanted to say it, I felt pain and jealous. Where did we take the wrong turn?”

Gaborone overtook us. Windhoek overtook us. Lusaka is flying away. Very soon it is Lilongwe and Blantyre as I heard infrastructure development has taken off in Malawi. Rwanda left us behind a long time ago.

Harare really needs to claim it’s place back to second only from South Africa.

“Does a country rich in minerals, with an estimated US$30 trillion plus mineral wealth underneath, tourism and agriculture, we should be doing much better. Zvakanaka tozvidawo akomana,” he cried.


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