“Help me…my husband is a sex maniac”, woman tells police

THE saying a “hungry” man is an angry man is quite apt for Daniel Moyo (34) of Sibangani Village in Lupane who got angry and battered his wife Similo Sibanda (26) for refusing to have sex with him on a daily basis.

Similo had to rush to a police station where she made an assault report leading to her husband’s arrest.

His wife said Moyo was a sex maniac.

“My husband likes sex too much and I cannot bear it. When I deny him sex he gets angry and beats me with fists or anything that would be within his reach. At times when he is from a beer binge he demands sex in front of our kids,” she told the court.

Appearing for an assault charge before Lupane magistrate Ndumo Masuku the livid Daniel, who felt hard done by his wife said: “At first I asked my wife’s sister to talk to my wife about the issue but she failed to convince her to adapt to my high sex drive.”

Daniel resorted to fists to enforce his demand.

“I’m a person who likes sex and I told her when we got married that I want to have sex with her on a daily basis. It’s not strange because we are like that in our family. During the first days she used to offer me but as our marriage grew old she gradually changed and eventually denied me my c0njugal rights,” he said.

He added saying initially he tried to talk to her but his wife never changed. He said her response angered him.

“I got angry when she said I like too much sex and she is not a sex toy. After that I had to beat her. Your Worship, if she feels like I’m sexually abusing her she should return to her parents and I marry someone who will understand me,” he said.

Daniel was remanded out of custody to next week on Monday for sentencing.


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