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Gumbura Awed By Dancer Bev At Chukurubi Maximum Prison

Queen OF dance Beverly Sibanda left prisoners at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison wanting more after she performed for them during ZPCS Brand Ambassador Sulumani Chimbetu’s Birthday Celebrations.

Infamous rapist Robert Martin Gumbura was so mesmerised that he begged for selfies with Bev.

Gumbura expressed gratitude to Bev for her performance at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

Gumbura has been in prison for several years after being convicted of multiple rape charges. He had 14 wives before he was caged.

Bev visited the prison in the company of Suluman Chimbetu, who is the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services ambassador, and several other musicians.

Gumbura was left drooling by the raunchy dancer and asked for a picture with her as she had removed his stress.

The inmates at Chikurubi Maximum Prison got the rare treat when the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) ambassador and musician Sulumani Chimbetu teamed up with other artistes and performed at the prison during his 37th birthday celebrations.

Sulu teamed up with sungura musicians, Romeo Gasa, Simon Mutambi and Tendai and Morgan Dembo to perform before hundreds of inmates who were afforded the rare opportunity to celebrate with the Orchestra Dendera Kings frontman.

Sulu turned 37 on May 27.

A prisoners’ band supported by correctional officers warmed the stage around midday before the birthday boy and his band took to the stage.

Sulu belted his yesteryear hits much to the excitement of the inmates who danced and sang along throughout his performance.

Romeo Gasa and Simon Mutambi combined on stage before the Dembo brothers sealed the celebrations.

Sulu asked Gumbura to join him in cutting his birthday cake along with Bev, an act he described as an honour.

“This is a great honour to be the Sulumani Chimbetu’s guest,” said Gumbura.

Gumbura thanked Sulu for remembering the inmates during his birthday celebrations saying his gesture would remain etched in the hearts and mind of most of the inmates who celebrated with him during his ‘special moments’

Said Gumbura: “What has Sulu done to us means a lot. It has gone a long way in reducing stress among my friends here today. We should all pray for him so that he grew up into a good man. I know he is a soft man with other people at heart. I know he has helped a physically challenged musician outside and it is an honour for a celebrity like him to remember us in jail.

Gumbura then handed over Sulu a hat as his birthday present.

Sulu could not hide his joy and said it was out of his personal volition to celebrate with the inmates.

“I thought of these people and decided to celebrate with them. I am humbled by the response that I got from these inmates,” he said.

Chikurubi Maximum Prison officer-in-charge Assistant  Commissioner George Mutimbanyoka urged other musicians to take a leaf from Sulu saying they were welcome to perform for the prisoners as part of the correctional activities.


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