Gracious Shonhai: 24-Year Old Graduate Goat Farmer Takes Internet By Storm

A young female entrepreneur who recently graduated from the Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo has hit a gold mine in goat farming.

The 24-year Gracious Rumbidzai Shonhai said she started small, with only six goats soon after graduation, but now she is into buying and selling and fattening goats and it has proved to be a lucrative business.

“I started the goats project last year soon after my graduation…. I started off with six goats, and ended up having 21 goats.

“I the started getting orders from local restaurants here in Masvingo. Then I got an order for 50 goats whilst I had only 21 goats.

“I then thought of going to Chiredzi to buy goats, fatten them and then re-sell. Right now I have more than 100 goats.

“What inspired me is that after graduation, there were no jobs. I chose to get dirty and work extra hard. I told myself that, girl, you have to work extra hard.

“I know we have issues of land ownership, but you can always start off renting. I am renting right now.

“I believe that I will end up having my own farm…”


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