Grace Mugabe’s ex-husband Goreraza blasts Mwonzora

Even if he retains his position as Secretary General, he does so in a lame duck robe.

He will spend the rest of his career brown nosing, if his tongue doesn’t turn black from licking Wamba’s black shoes. He will spend most of his time working hard to impress Wamba and assure him of his loyalty, even if it’s against his conscience. Wamba has him by the crown jewels between his legs.

Grace Mugabe’s ex husband Stanley Goreraza

Dougie has proved he cannot be relied on for principle and that every decision he makes, Douglas Mwonzora always comes first. Not the party, not principles, not his supporters. It is always about what he himself is going to get out of what he decides.

Dougie isn’t a fighter. He doesn’t fight for what he believes in which means he stands for nothing. His legendary philandering within the MDC makes him an unethical man who uses sexual favours to gain sympathy and support.

It’s probably one of the reasons Gertrude Chuma dumped him. She had hired him to handle her divorce from Baba Tanya when he seduced her. A man of his stature should be discreet but no, he would drive to Rujeko B, park his car by the gate in Rwaivhi street and spend the night there. Gertrude would campaign for him in Masvingo but not after she found out he seeded a younger woman, a member of the MDC like herself.

Loyalty and commitment are not Mwonzora’s strong suits. He will not think twice betraying anyone if he thought it would profit him. To cut a long story short, Douglas Mwonzora isn’t a leader.

— Stanley Goreraza


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